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Timothy Lambirth has over three decades’ experience in trying cases and forming new business entities such as corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC’s) and assisting sole proprietors as they start new ventures and grow.  Mr. Lambirth is both a seasoned trial attorney as well as an experienced business lawyer. Tim also has significant experience in preparing all the typical and usual contracts associated with business such as Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, corporate minutes, resolutions, partnerships agreements, joint venture agreements, asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, license agreements, vendor contracts, disassociation agreements, and many agreements which defy labels. Over the past 10 years he has had experience working with nanotechnology, biotechnology and software companies and handling their business needs and contracts.

A well written contract can either often avoid litigation in the future or give one party greater leverage and rights, if litigation is initiated. Being a seasoned trial attorney and litigator, as well as an experienced transactional attorney, gives Mr. Lambirth an advantage when advising your business and preparing your contracts.

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Civil Litigation

Lambirth Law firm provides concierge legal services that are strategic, practical and business-minded. From the initial meeting with our clients until resolution, we first discern our client’s goals and strategic objectives and then focus upon achieving those results in the most cost-effective and expedient manner possible. This fundamental foundation in each of our client relationships, along with the vigorous pursuit of their goals and rights, has resulted in the establishment of many decades-long relationships with our clients.

Our experience includes transactional, litigation and legal counsel in a diverse range of practice areas including civil, business and commercial and real estate law in State and Federal Trial Courts throughout California.

We assist clients in creating businesses, incorporating, creating limited liability companies (LLC’s), partnerships and the like. We draft contracts of all types including asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, buy sell agreements, licenses, vendor agreements and contracts of all type and kind, include those for recent clients involving nanotechnology, biotechnology, and apps for smart phones.

Mr. Lambirth has taken over 100 matters to trial including 20 jury trials, however he is mindful that 90% or more of disputes settle. Thus, he broaches the issue of settlement early and often with clients and opposing parties. Our litigation experience ranges from general civil litigation such as breach of contract, fraud and negligence, to commercial torts, unfair competition, and select catastrophic personal injury cases.

We have handled multimillion-dollar disputes for both plaintiffs and defendants, including jury trials for major Fortune 500 companies, as well as disputes with life-and-death business and economic consequences to individuals and small Mom and Pop businesses.

We are ever mindful of our client’s financial resources and strive to minimize fees and costs to our clients through communication and a clear understanding of the issues and results to be achieved and the effective use of alternative dispute resolution.

Experienced Business Lawyer & Transactional Attorney

Tim Lambirth is a California licensed attorney with over 35 years of experience practicing in the Federal and State courtrooms of California.  He has received numerous achievements and accolades including:

  • Received an AV rating from Martindale – Hubble in 1989, a Peer Review Rating: AV® Preeminent 5 out of 5.
  • Been named a Super Lawyer every year since 2005, for 13 consecutive years.
  • Received an AVVO rating of 10 out of 10.
  • Business Lawyer of the Year, 2004.

Areas of Practice

General Business Matters

General Business Matters

We handle a broad variety of general business matters, from assisting you with your decision whether to incorporate, form a limited liability company (LLC), partnership or do business as a sole proprietor to the preparation of asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, buy sell agreements, licensing agreements, leases, subleases, disassociation agreements and the like.



We work hard to facilitate and resolve legal issues which cause our clients discomfort and sleepless nights. Tim Lambirth has been trained as a professional mediator and has settled thousands of lawsuits and business disputes.



Tim has taken over 100 matters to trial and had 20 jury trials. He was board-certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy as a civil trial advocate from 1995 through 2010 and listed as a civil trial specialist with the State Bar of California during that time.



When it comes to you taking your dispute to the courthouse, you need someone that has been there before and knows their way around. Tim Lambirth is a seasoned trial attorney.

General Counsel

General Counsel

Mr. Lambirth has a broad well of experience that transcends many business sectors. He has counseled and advised those in the business of agriculture, banking, manufacturing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, retail and real estate, to name a few. He is available to provide outside General Counsel services, on an as-needed basis, to select business clients.


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